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A Speedos fan and now with 400 pairs of Trunks. Poss even more now!
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lycramike Male 61 Gay Play In Gear
A Lycra /Speedos fan who loves all kinds of Swimwear/ Trunks and Thongs, and NOW WITH 490 PAIRS. Love to share all that with some other guys.Prefer UK based but good to hear from others, Overseas. Also seeking any Scuba Diving Fans/Instructors, or just some keen Swimming Fans. Very open-minded to try lots of other things as well. May consider re-locating with the right guy.! Also looking to share my life and Interests with someone..Will LOVE Blossom for me in 2017 REALLY want to learn SCUBA DIVING this year. Up for Frottraging in some gear also with a Cock Ring on,while enjoying a bit of Friendly Wrestling.. Just Love Getting WET wearing skimpy and tight fitting Lycra/Speedos or being Underwater. Love Getting Messy and Muddy too,and happy to try most kinds of Mess and Muck,(also got into W/S recently,so lets Soak our gear together.). Would also love a Wrestle outside,while its Raining. Would love to try some Pool Wrestling as well.
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