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masterskip Male 64 Gay Bondage Slave
I head a leather family (a slave, a boy and a pup) and therefore have multiple primary relationships to which I'm devoted. I'm not looking for another; instead I'm looking for a few occasional recreational play partners. My kinks include: bondage (all types) and, in particular, gags (all types, the stricter the better) ; blindfolds; hoods; single tails; flogging; paddling; caning; spanking; body punching; TT; CBT; WS; edging and milking; anal play (plugs, dildos and other toys, but not butt fucking or fisting); sounds; electricity; head/body/genital shaving (inc. straight razor shaving); boots; gloves; leather clothing and gear; blood sports (temporary piercing, cutting and cautery branding); and a few other miscellaneous fetishes. I have a fully-equipped dungeon in Silver Lake. You needn't have an appetite for everything that's on my menu--2 or 3 selections can make for a thoroughly satisfying meal. As far as sex goes, a good cocksucker will always get my attention and face fucking is often part of my scenes. If you're going to get off, it's going to be either from my giving you a hand job (whether you want it or not) or self-masturbation. I'm HIV-, and I'm willing to work around your HIV status. I have a special fondness for pantyboys, diaperboys and guys into long-term enforced chastity. Does one (or more) of those describe you?
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