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Hung buttfreak seeks pervert
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mikepix Male 50 Bisexual Play In Gear
THICK, UNCUT 9 INCH MEAT, LARGE, HEAVY BALLS, PUMP-SWOLLEN NIPPLES, FULL BUBBLE BUTT, OPEN FISTHOLE. HIV POS. INTO MOST KINK, ESPECIALLY HEAVY BUTT PLAY... FF,(experienced, opens easily. 25 yrs topping, 20 bottoming. RIMMING, (prolonged & deep), FROTAGE, FELCHING, DILDOES & BUTTPLUGS, (extra large), ENEMAS(mutual), VACUUM PUMPING, (nips, dick, nuts, anus, rectum), VERBAL, KISSING, (wet & sloppy), BB, TT, (mutual, weights, clamps, tying, pumping, etc.) JO, EXHIBITIONISM, VIDEOS, (kink, raunch) MIRRORS, DEEP RAUNCH, PISS, SWEAT, SPANKING, ROLE PLAY, BALL STRETCHERS, SPANDEX, POSING STRAPS, TORN BRIEFS, SHAVED CROTCHES & ASSES, LOOSE, OPEN FUCK HOLES! Big brains especially appreciated. I like long, sweaty scenes with men between 35 & 70 who have experience and fertile imaginations. Can get into A multitude scenes. Enjoy mutual, intimate exposure. I have very few limits.
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