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princetonpike Male 61 Gay Play In Gear
I never got to play cowboy enough as a kid--so I'm aiming to make up for lost time! I've always had a heavy-duty cowboy/outlaw/lawman/gunslinger fetish; mustaches a must, beards fine too. Leather & denim gear inc. cowboy/riding boots, spurs, chaps, dusters, gun leather.. about all the old-west stuff. (My idea of a hot man in uniform is the town marshal in his three-piece suit or shirtsleeves/vest with badge and gun.) Hot man-to-man sex between mustached/bearded cowboys/outlaws/etc. S&M scenes in which the good-guy-vs-badman scenarios of Hollywood Westerns turn kinky, with bondage, spanking/kicking ass/flogging, titplay, hot wax, even watersports as desired. I switch from top to bottom depending on the man and the mood, but I don't submit easily. No scat, blood, or fisting.
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