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name is Jimmy Cozad i have a huge football gear fetish and Love being tackled by hot guys in full gear
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quarterback Male 41 Gay Sports Buddy
Name is Jimmy Cozad i have Life-jacket sports gear and helmet fetish and love to play football and hockey and im a computer tech and software designer by trade hockey and football players r an instant turn on i dont like skat or piss and im std aid and HIV free in 6.2 feet tall 155 lbs in hockey i play goalie deference and enforcer football a linebacker quarterback free safety and wide receiver i have brown hair and eyes im of German/Ukrainian descent my birthday is May 28 1980 aggressive jock are a plus I love being tackled in my football gear love the feeling of gear smacking into me and the grunting that goes with that's also a plus not required.
North Fort Myers Florida
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