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raunchpuppy Male 56 Gay Scent-Smells Give
Furry leather, rubber, biker, filth PIG looking for extended (6 hr), multi-orgasm play with 1 btm/vers svc pigs or like-minded. Top for all buttplay, vers most else. Wide range of interests. Like to get naked, kick back, watch videos, j/o, get sucked, fuck(bb), rimming, ff(top), p*pers, exhib/voyr, groups, outdoor, let the piss fly, sniff, lick, and share mansmells/tastes - esp. piss and pits (and piss in pits) and feet. With the right pig - smeg, spit, snot, mud/grease/oil,. Not verbal or into role play myself, not agressive/master/daddy type (read passive top)
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