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Hello !!! My name's S from
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Hello !!! My name's S from Bangkok, Thailand. When I was child. I feel that I had something very deep in my mind. I dream many times about The Black Guy wore clothes not show any body skin. I wonder a lot about that !!! Until I was 14, I wore my sister's green shorts spandex first time. At that time.I felt very smooth. I still remember that feeling very well. Then I known that What 's The Black Guy wore in my childhood dream. Yes !!! his clothes must made from 'Spandex'. I connected to internet. I had search many information about spandex. I saw many pictures and clips of people wore spandex total enclosed suit . So I learned that I'm into spandex fetish. Then I found out more material 'Rubber'. Rubber make me crazy and hot a lot. Shiny and Tight of it was inspire my mind to have many suits and gear as I can. I heard someone said ' Spandex & Rubber are materail of God . I'm absolutely agreed. When I wore spandex or rubber suit I'm turn into another world. Very smooth - Tight - Shiny - Smell make me relax, nothing to concern. So nowaday I ware them as much as I can. Spandex & Rubber are the best thing and the big part of My life. Thanks and Nice to see you all. S
Bangkok Thailand
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