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sculpin Male 44 Gay Sports Buddy
I'm a huge football gear fan!! I'm also into hockey gear, wrestling singlet's, and MMA gear. But football pads are the biggest turn-on for me... This is about the gear for me! if you are looking for a quick hookup, keep looking. Other stuff might come later... Let's get geared up and crash some pads around! Under 45ish please, no chubby or hairy bears, sorry fellas... Would like to try some bondage someday, especially if we are in football gear, and/or straight jacket, leather restraints, and/or handcuffs, and/or shackles, etc.... Got gear and traveling to Alaska, let me know. Bring some with you for extra fun! No gear and traveling to Alaska, let me know...I've got a little extra football gear to share... and a couple singlet's too if we want to change it up! Sorry, I have no bondage gear :-(( Lastly, I will not respond to friendship requests from accounts that do not have photo's... Let's gear up and crash some pads around!!
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