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sexyrandal999 Male 38 Bisexual Sex with no commitment
Hello wveryone out there. Just a brief overview if me. I hope you like what you read and please feel free to contact me. Just an average normal guy here who has a thing for cowboys. I have other fantasies other than cowboys but cowboys are tops. I have others about jocks, cops, mechanics, leather, men in suits, medical field workers, rednecks, sports, goth, rebels, pretty much any kind that involves gear of some sort (wither it be sports related, or vehicle, or what), cops, underwear, smelling, wearing,as well as others. I'm pretty much open minded about most things but there are some that I dontcwanba try. Just ask me and I'll let you know what I think. I'm a great top and bottom. From all my previous encounters I've never had anyone say that I wasn't good in bed. Not to brag but I must be very good at what I do. Maybe that has to do with the fact that when I'm in bed with someone I am there to please them and make them happy which, makes me happy as long as I'm not opposed to what I am about to do or what I'm about to get done to me. I will pretty much try anything at least once however there are a few fetishes out there that I'd have to say no to. If your wondering what they are just ask me about the one you are inquiring about and ill let you know if I'm into it, not into it, do it a lot, don't do it at all, willing to give it a try, or won't even attempt to give it a try. As far as being a bisexual, I really don't think that the sex if a person matters its what they believe and how that person interacts with others and how that person is on their self. When I look at soneone I don't see just a man or woman or a gay person or trans, or whatever I see a person who is confident with who they really are and us working that to the fullest extent possible in their own,lives to make their self happy. If you got any questions please feel free to drop me a line and ask me anything and ill let you know what my thoughts are about that subject. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you like what you've read and I hope to hear from you asap. And just in case you are wondering g that is Stitch in. Pok├ęball. I'm a bit of an animation and art geek. I love things like that because I myself enjoy art (viewing, doing, watching, etc.), but not to the point that it controls my life and that my world is and revolves around art and abination(in other words I'm not a cosplayer or that type of geek). Guess that's just part of me. I hope that's not a turn off but I guess if it is then we are just too different.
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