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I'm a horny young college jock
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shockjock Male 32 Gay Military Buddy
I'm a horny young college jock ready for some action with guys who are into their kinky side....I'm into footwear mostly, but also big into biker and bike gear, military and cowboy, as well as working, blue-collar men. I'm a young, fit, athletic, muscle jock into wild gay sex and footwear/gear... I am into wild feet worship and foot sweat, truck stops, sex clubs, piss action, licking up piss from urinals, sucking up thick cum loads and thick spit from locker room floors, boots, sneakers and nasty, rotten flip-flops...I drive around shirtless to show off my hot fucking jock muscles and tight ass and sexy legs. I want guys with big horse-size monster dicks to fuck my jock ass raw and breed me hard! Footwear....sneakers, boots, flip- flops/slops/sandals, cleats, sportsgear, leather, bike gear. Muscle guys, sweat, piss, cum. Into fit, athletic jocks, their sports gear and footwear, thick, juicy foreskins and sweaty nut sacks, tight holes, glory hole sucking, feet, pecs, sexy legs and fucking jizz! I can live on cum. Like to chew filled rubbers from other men while working out in the gym... I like it when other guys wear my hot clothing and footwear and get it all well worn, used & abused and smelling rotten! Let my know if you are interested...
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