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Bloke in the streets , bitch in the sheets
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sissy_bloke Male 48 Gay Bondage Master
i like to mix gear , rubber , leather , pvc , with lingerie. i am a sub , i serve Alpha males. In the street, pub etc... i look just like another ordinary guy. What is not known is that you have ordered me to wear my stockings, suspenders and panties and they are hidden under my jeans and t-shirt. When we get home , i am ordered to strip, as , within the home i am 24/7/365 your lingerie clad sub who's purpose is to serve you at all times as my cock is insignificant as it is in 24/7365 chastity. i seek guys who need a slave , mature guys aged 28 - 65. i prefer dark , hairy guys - no smooth blonde guys and no ginger guys please. My dark Dom will be kinky, in to gear and activities associated with using his bitches like oral ,anal, rimming, bondage, servitude, fisting, piss and human toilet training if he wishes that. i am 100% bottom BUT i do versatile for fisting as i enjoy exploring an ass and helping a guy go deeper and wider ( and he then does the same to me ) as it helps me learn about my own hole.
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