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Exhibitionist- Love to show off in Tight Gear!
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speedofan9 Male 60 Gay Play In Gear
I have ahuge speedo and spandex/lycra gear feitsh. Speedos are for me because they make me feel so sexy. I love to wear Speedos - all the time if possible. I wear them to the obvious places- beach, pool, gym but also wear them to sun out in my city park on a very hot day and often wear as underwear. I am an exhibitionist so I enjoy showing off my bulge in a Speedo in public. I love the way a Speedo suit feels against my cock and balls. I wear my cock up and to the left in the suit, so if I start to get hard in the suit, my cock just starts snaking up the suit. I also love any kind of spandex/lycra gear-- love to run and cycle in the gear. If I am running or cycling in a Spandex the friction of the fabric rubbing against my cock and balls drives me mad. Sometimes it is so intense I have to stop and find a semi private place behind a bush or sand dune to stroke my cock in my Spandex until I explode a huge cum load right through the gear. Check out my BLOG!
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