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Perpetual cub type into bodybuilding and interested in play with like-minded guys into lycra, spandex, speedos, and especially superheroes. Have costumes, enjoy using them. :) Looking for other mature, grounded and professional guys with similar interests. A sound mind in a sound body is the best combination. Muscle will always turn my head, but a quick wit, warm heart and steady hand will keep my attention. Newly single; looking to meet other guys for chat, friendship, and more. A bodybuilding mentor would be ideal. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to ask. Coming back from a bit of a challenge in the form of polycystic kidney disease (diagnosed in August of 2015), dialysis for six months, and then a kidney transplant in March of 2016. Fortunately, recovery is proceeding nicely and I am still allowed to wrestle, albeit a bit more gently and no gut-punching. Good luck and good hunting, gentlemen. If you leave me a message here, please be sure to include your email. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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