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trp Male 43 Bisexual Bondage Master
I am definitly a big fan of extreme and heavy outfits out of latex, rubber and plastic. I love to be completely suited up in multiple layers from head to toe of shiny and airtight materials. In addition to rubber and plastic suits I am also a big fan of raingear, neopren, drysuits and hazmat suits. Gasmasks and extreme rubbermasks with gags, airtubes and breathing bags are a must for a complete rubberoutfit. My Fetish-interests are Latex, Rubber, PVC, Vinyl, Hazmat, NBC, Industrial Rubber, Waders, Drysuits, Dive Gear, Gasmasks, Chemical Gear, Raingear, Wetsuits and Protective wear. My Play-interests are Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, Breath Control, Cum Control, Electrical stimulation, Vibrators, Milking, Sleepsack, Straitjacket and Vacrack
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