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uzura Male 38 Bisexual Friends
Likes: * Shiny material(Rubber/Latex, Leather, PVC, Vinyl, Satin) * Sports gear(Basketball, Kendo, Boxing, Diving, MX) * Zentai, Vacbed, Hazmat suit, fursuit and more. Note: Photo that I have posted in the photo gallery is a picture that I have taken all. Photos I've taken friends are also included. --- Hello. I am Japanese living in Saitama, Japan. I like shiny material, own or wear, we are playing to wear with friends in the slave. Sometimes become a slave sometimes I am. I is also a pseudo-necrophilia in addition to the fetish. I will be so excited that I myself play a corpse. I like very much or be strangled while wearing a costume fetish, it is trampling the body. I speak English not good at, but it can do it the exchange of messages. If you were interested in me, please send a message feel free to me. Thank you. Uzura
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