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Playing in Spidey suit
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wildpup Male 50 Gay Play In Gear
Love playing in/with guys in rubber gear as my primary fetish, my secondary gear fetish includes: lycra / spandex. I am working on building up my collection. Would like to get into bondage and give it a bit of a go (with the right guy, I'll try anything once). Also into: - tit play - mumification - kissing and the list goes on - happy to try new things. I like sex to be passionate, raunchy, long and fun. What turns me on: * Leather * Rubber-PVC * Lycra * Tit Play * Bondage * Roleplay * Pup play I'm easy to get along with, friendly, social, and love to have a good time. Don't be shy to say hi! Love Summer, the hotter the better, love the beach, the long days, daylight savings. Hate Winter (bring on Summer). Not into Scat/Blood.
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