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lookin for Domination, Humiliation and Control over me
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wrestlingtoy Male 58 Gay Collar/Dog Master
Lookin for an alpha dog to take control.Verbal and Physical humiliation, talkin trash, smackin me around, bitch slappin and asswackin, wrappin me up like a pretzel with one rasslin hold after another. sleepers, chokes, camel clutch, figurefourheadscissor, over the shoulder backbreaker or anything you can think up. shovin your feet in my face makin me sniff your socks and lick your feet. makin me massage your feet and body, sittin on my face, tiein me up, gagin me, maybe puttin on some boxin gloves and playin around a lil. Dont have much in the way of gear right now. Gotta jock strap, boxin gloves, collar and singlet, want to get some boxin headgear, boots and leather. Besides sex, I like to go to movies, mostly comedy, scifi, fantasy and action. Like to bowl occasionally, love to travel, really get into nature. Want to learn some type of martial arts and learn about auto mechanics. Like playin cards, shootin pool, games and hangin out with friends. Enjoy experiencing new things. Seeya
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