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Notes About Security
We implemented hacker blocking in 2014 in the hopes that no members would ever be affected. Unfortunately, members who use the TOR (The Onion Router) Network are using the same Internet addresses as are malicious hackers. We are able to detect hacking attempts by trapping web browser requests for industry-wide known vulnerabilities. When we detect an attempt, the perpretator's address is blocked immediately, and the connection goes dead. Members using the TOR Network to access the site may possibly then acquire the same Internet address that was blocked. This happens frequently, and the symptom of this state is a dead connection. Your browser may report that the site is down.

If you choose to use the TOR Network or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that is also being used by hackers, you will experience what seems like intermittent site outages. This could be considered to be a small price to pay for keeping your data secure and private.
Article expires: 2020-02-1912770

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