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Sat Sep 14 09:33:02 2019 GMT

Keke Palmer on Hustlers' Story of Love Among Women and Queer Inclusion

Palmer chats with The Advocate about the love story between women at the core of the hit film. 

Swiss Catholic Diocese OK With Marriage Equality, Sort Of
Bishop Felix Gmur

The Diocese of Basel welcomes the nation's move toward civil marriage equality and says it will bless same-sex couples but not marry them.

NBC, 'SNL' Mum About Shane Gillis After Racist, Antigay Videos Emerge

Nearly 24 hours after one of SNL's newest cast members is caught denigrating nearly every minority, the network and show refuse to address the scandal.

Bowen Yang: 6 Videos Showcasing the Gay Asian SNL Star's Comedy
Bowen Yang

Learn more about the history-making comedian through his stand-up, impersonations, and comedy routines.

Transgender Lyft Driver Attacked by Passenger in Portland
Lyft driver Marla Standing-Owl

Marla Standing-Owl says the passenger hit her and told her, "You're nothing but a man."

56 Pix of the Happiest Burlesque On Earth (for Women)
Pete Buttigieg Makes History With Coming-Out Story on Debate Stage
Pete Buttigieg

The presidential candidate called revealing his homosexuality publicly a moment of resilience in his political career.

Internet Pounces on Mike Pence's New Nickname From Donald Trump
Mike Pence

Donald Trump mispronounced his vice president's name as "Mike Pounce," and we can't even.

Famous Roman Skeletons Found Holding Hands Were Both Male
Lovers of Medina

The relationship between the men remains unknown.

Chemsex Parties Enabling New HIV Epidemic Among Gay Men, Doctors Warn

Doctors at a recent London conference said the prevalence of "party and play" is causing HIV to spread throughout European cities and towns.

Democratic Debate Again Sees Little Discussion of LGBTQ Issues
Democratic Debate

Pete Buttigieg talked about coming out, but that was about it. The candidates did have much to say about health care, gun reform, climate change, and more.

SNL's New Hire Shane Gillis Uses Slurs,Calls Peers 'F*ggot Comics'

Saturday Night Live just hired a gay Asian man as a cast member, as well as a man named Shane Gillis, who regularly used hate speech.

Trans Coffee Shop Worker Fired for Calling Out Right-Wing Customer
Marilyn Synek

The customer, Marilyn Synek (pictured), says the worker at the Lincoln, Neb., business called her "bigoted trash."

Gay Pol Dan Baer Exits Colorado Senate Race, Backs John Hickenlooper
Dan Baer

Baer, who helped craft Hillary Clinton's famed gay rights speech, aimed to be the first out gay man in the U.S. Senate, but he says Hickenlooper has the best chance of winning.

Ellen Page Would Be Thrilled to Play Queer for the Rest of Her Career
Ellen Page

The actress and activist does not have time for questions about whether she's worried she'll be "typecast" for playing queer. 

Fathers Sue State Dept., Pompeo Over Denial of Child's Citizenship
The Kiviti family

Roee and Adiel Kiviti say the State Department is treating their daughter as if her parents' marriage did not exist.

Bowen Yang Is SNL's First Gay Asian Cast Member
Bowen Yang

The comedian is breaking new ground on the NBC comedy show.

IT's Gay Bashing Scene Serves No Purpose Except as Porn for Homophobes

The gratuitous opening scene unnecessarily traumatizes queer viewers already painly familiar with a constant threat of violence.

111 Photos Reveal Private Summer Parties in Los Angeles
Homophobic Winery That Turned Away Lesbian Wedding Changes Policy
Homophobic Winery That Turned Away Lesbian Wedding Changes Policy

The owners caved after a bride posted an email from the winery on social media.

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