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Thu Aug 22 09:36:33 2019 GMT

Right Wing Lauds Trump's 'Religious Freedom' (Anti-LGBTQ) Record
Robert Jeffress with Donald Trump

Religious right leaders are saying he's the best president in modern history regarding their issues.

Conversion Therapy Ringleaders Arrested for Trafficking Boys
Gary and Meaghan Wiggins

Gary Wiggins and his wife, Meaghan Wiggins, who've been hopping from state to state opening abusive "religious" camps, have finally been arrested. 

After 17 Years, 'Bachelor' Franchise Finally Has a Same-Sex Romance
via instagram

Bachelor in Paradise contestant Demi Burnett is head-over-heels for Kristian Haggerty, who also appears on the popular reality show.

Karamo 'Excited' to Mambo With Sean Spicer on 'Dancing With the Stars'
Karamo Brown and Sean Spicer

The Queer Eye star wants to engage in "respectful conversations" with Donald Trump's former White House communications director.

Cory Booker: I Have a Nonbinary 'Niephew'
Cory Booker

Booker says his “‘niephew,’ which is a combination of niece and nephew,” has helped him understand issues facing trans and nonbinary youth.

Trey Pearson's 'Hey Jesus' Video Is an LGBTQ Prayer for Love
Trey Pearson

The gay singer has released a love letter to queer people struggling with their faith.

Man Bullied for Being Open About Trans Relationship Dies By Suicide

A video went viral of Maurice Willoughby being confronted in the streets about his relationship with a trans woman.

Jeffrey Epstein Used Marriage Equality Laws to Marry Off Teenage Girl
A protest group called "Hot Mess" hold up signs of Jeffrey Epstein in front of the Federal courthouse on July 8 2019.

He allegedly used New York's marriage laws to marry non-citizens to other women and keep them in the country until they got too old for his tastes.

Hate Group: Cis Man's Alleged Sex Crime Is Why We're Boycotting Target
Target store

The American Family Association is grasping at straws in its anti-trans "Boycott Target" campaign.

How Lee Daniels Became the Star Maker and Black Queer Icon
Lee Daniels in black jacket and white T-shirt

The award-winning director continues to tackle racism in Hollywood, as he mentors young queer artists and expands his media empire. 

MariNaomi is Making Space for Marginalized Comic Artists
Photo of Asian-American cartoonist MariNaomi raising a middle figner

We ask bi Japanese-American graphic novelist MarniNaomi about her work, podcasting, marginalized artists, and overthrowing the patriarchy.

Gamal Palmer: On Being Black, Gay, And Jewish in America
gamal palmer

This activist discusses the disbelief people express when they find out he's Jewish.

Meet Oklahoma's Rising Queer Star in the State Senate

At 27, Allison Ikley-Freeman has an impressive resume and she's bringing it to the front lines in her state. 

Lana Wachowski Makes Trans History by Directing 'The Matrix 4'
Lana Wachowski

Lana Wachowski, who co-created the Matrix universe with her sister Lilly Wachowski, likely has a worldwide blockbuster on her hands.  

Judith Light's Eager to Play an Evil Twin in 'Before You Know It' Clip
Before You Know It

The comedy from queer best friends Jen Tullock and Hannah Pearl Utt also costars Mandy Patinkin, Alec Baldwin, and Mike Colter. 

Trump Says He's 'Done Very Well' on LGBTQ Issues
Donald Trump

The president cited to his endorsement by the Log Cabin Republicans as proof.

Megan Rapinoe Loves Her Fox News-Watching Parents
Megan and Denise Rapinoe

Rapinoe spoke about how she and her parents continue to have an open dialogue despite her thinking her dad voted for Trump, who went off on her in a Twitter tirade. 

Berlin Monument to Gay Holocaust Victims Vandalized
Berlin gay Holocaust memorial

The vandals painted over a window through which visitors can view a video of two men kissing.

Magnum Is 'Sorry' for Ad Comparing Ice Cream to Gay Imprisonment

The ice cream company feels guilty over its controversial "guilty pleasure" ad.

Ilhan Omar Defends LGBTQ Palestinians' Protests in West Bank
Ilhan Omar

The congresswoman also slammed Israel in the process.

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