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Fri Jan 24 10:34:43 2020 GMT

Church of England: Sex Is OK Only in Heterosexual Marriage
Canterbury Cathedral

The C of E reiterates its stance now that U.K. straight couples can get civil partnerships — and they're not marriage, according to the church.

Anti-LGBTQ Archbishop Charles Chaput Fired in Philadelphia
Charles Chaput and Nelson Perez

Chaput, who has even questioned the existence of LGBTQ Catholics, will be replaced by a supposedly more liberal clergy member, Nelson Perez.

How Voguing Caught Fire in LGBTQ Mexico City
The Category Is

A new Revry docuseries, The Category Is, shows the burgeoning international ballroom scene.

Hallmark Channel's CEO Is Out a Month After Pulling Lesbian Wedding Ad
Zola Ad

The network's president and CEO Bill Abbott has left the company a month after the decision to censor ads featuring a same-sex couple. 

Married Lesbian Couple Who Met, Fell in Love on Jeopardy! Shares Story
Emily Therese Cloyd and Stacy Cloyd

The women who wed in 2012 told their story on Twitter as an ode to Alex Trebek. 

Kim Chi and Miz Cracker Will Be First Drag Queens in a Super Bowl Ad

The RuPaul's Drag Race alumni will make herstory appearing in an ad for Sabra hummus.

Florida Man Dies on Gay Atlantis Cruise After Jumping Overboard

Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas — chartered by Atlantis Events — was docked in Puerto Rico when the man jumped. The Coast Guard has recovered the body. 

RuPaul's Drag Race Unveils Season 12 Cast and Premiere Date
Janelle Monáe to Receive HRC Equality Award
Janelle Monae

The pansexual singer, actor, and activist "has been a guiding force for positive change," says HRC President Alphonso David.

Katie Sowers Will Be First Woman, First LGBTQ Coach in Super Bowl
Katie Sowers

The offensive assistant with the San Francisco 49ers is making history.

Bernie Sanders's Most Fervent Supporters Are Not Helping

This trans woman says the presidential candidate's online army remains too militant, and their leader is looking the other way.

Dan Levy Joins Clea DuVall's Queer Rom-Com Starring Kristen Stewart

The Schitt's Creek star joins the anticipated romantic comedy that stars Stewart and Mackenzie Davis as girlfriends. 

Gay Conservative: Leather Event's 'Debauchery' Destroys LGBTQ Progress
Mid-Atlantic Leather

Brad Polumbo is getting dragged for saying such events are "annihilating" the movement for equality.

Whitney Houston and Aaron Hernandez: The Costly Trauma of the Closet
Whitney Houston and Aaron Hernandez

Exploring the role of homophobia and biphobia in the lives of two troubled legends.

Miss Utah Rachel Slawson Is First Out Bi Competitor in Miss USA
Rachel Slawson

Days before being crowned Miss Utah, Slawson wrote candidly about her sexual identity in an Instagram post. 

'Schitt’s Creek’s Karen Robinson Walks 'Heart First' Into Final Season
Karen Robinson

The Toronto theater veteran talks to The Advocate about her experience with the show and her no-nonsense lesbian character, Ronnie Lee.

Parents Throw a 'Gayceañera' to Celebrate Son's Coming Out

Love was served as a rainbow cake.

Indiana's Discrimination Against LGBTQ Families Must Stop, Court Rules

An appeals court ruled against the state's refusal to list both same-sex spouses on birth certificates.

Multiple Identities: Halsey Channels Her Rock Gods
Cupid's Undie Run: 21 Shots of Sprinters in Skivvies for Charity
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